EP1. Sports & Web3

🌐 The Nomu Hour: Episode 1 - "Tech Innovation in Sports: A Conversation with Emir Bursa"

🔍 Key Topics:

  • Intersection of Technology and Sports

  • Digital Transformation in Sports Industries

  • Leadership and Innovation in Tech and Sports

  • Trends and Future of Sports Technology

🎙️ Featuring Special Guest: Emir Bursa, a leading figure in the integration of technology within the sports sector. Delve into his expert insights and experiences. Connect with Emir: LinkedIn | Delta-3

🌟 Highlights of the Episode: Understanding the Impact of Digital Innovation on Sports. Exploring the Role of Technology in Transforming Sports Experiences and Performance. Leadership Strategies for Tech Advancements in the Sports Industry. Future Trends: What's Next for Tech in Sports?

💬 In-Depth Discussion: Join Juanma Saez and Emir Bursa in this engaging talk, exploring how technology is reshaping the world of sports.

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🗝️ Keywords: Sports Technology, Digital Transformation, Tech Innovation, Sports Industry, Leadership in Sports Tech, Future of Sports. A must-listen for sports enthusiasts, tech professionals, and anyone interested in the evolving landscape of sports technology.

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