EP.8 Marketing & Innovation

Marketing Innovations with AR & VR: Ivan Fedoseev's Insights | Nomu Labs Hour Ep. 8

- Special Guest: Ivan Fedoseev, entrepreneur and marketing expert, leading the Miimu team in harnessing immersive technologies for brand building.

- The Art of Marketing in a Digital World: Exploring Ivan's perspective on modern marketing strategies and how he's revolutionizing the approach to customer engagement.

- AR & VR Technology in Branding: Delving into the world of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), and their transformative impact on brand experiences.

- Cultural Insights: Russia and Spain: A fascinating discussion on the cultural nuances of Russia and Spain, and their influence on business and marketing practices.

- Customization in Marketing: Unpacking the importance of customization in marketing strategies and how Ivan leverages this in his work at Miimu.

- Navigating Business in Latin America: Insights into the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Latin American markets, drawing from Ivan’s extensive experience.

In this episode, join Juanma Sáez as he engages with Ivan Fedoseev in a deep dive into innovative marketing strategies, cultural nuances, and the exciting world of AR and VR technologies. A must-listen for anyone interested in the cutting-edge intersection of marketing and technology. Tune in to the Nomu Labs Hour for this enriching conversation!