EP.9 Marketing & Web3

Featured Guest: @elviskolawole , a seasoned marketer and blockchain enthusiast, known for his expertise in scaling companies and integrating data-driven strategies with human-centered experiences.

- The Evolution of Marketing: Exploring Elvis's unique approach to marketing, blending traditional methods with the latest digital trends.

- Web 3.0: The New Frontier: Delving into the world of Web 3.0, understanding its impact on the marketing landscape, and its potential for the future. - Merging Traditional and Web3 Marketing: Discussing how Elvis combines traditional marketing principles with Web3 technologies to create innovative strategies.

- Secrets to Going Viral: Unpacking the art and science of creating viral content, with insights from Elvis’s extensive experience in engaging audiences.

- Blockchain Technology in Marketing: Examining how blockchain technology is reshaping marketing practices, privacy, and customer interactions.

In this episode of Nomu Hour, Juanma Sáez and Elvis Kolawole dive into the fascinating convergence of traditional marketing techniques and emerging Web3 concepts. A must-listen for marketing professionals, blockchain enthusiasts, and anyone curious about the future of digital marketing. Join us for an insightful discussion filled with practical advice and visionary ideas!